All Balearic cruises are organized on a comfortable and safe catamaran Bali 4.5 or Lagoon 40, adapted for long sailing in comfortable conditions. The units has four enclosed spacious cabins with private bathrooms, thanks to which our clients feel at ease. Each bathroom has a separate shower that can be used both while sailing and when the boat is not moving. Additionally, at the disposal of the participants of the charter, we have a large living room with a full view of the sea and comfortable sofas as well as a modern and fully equipped galley. 

Comfortable and spacious catamarans are a new dimension of sailing, ensuring complete relaxation and rest. The structure of the unit allows for safe and stable sailing and to get even closer to the beach than on a monohull yacht. Ours catamarans are distinguished primarily by: 

  • a spacious, comfortable living room with a sea view,
  • four lockable cabins with their own bathrooms, guaranteeing privacy
  • a stable space between the prow of the hulls, which allows children to play safely on board
  • low draft allowing for an approach close to the shore,
  • stability at anchor.

Ours comfortable catamarans are for recreational and family sailing. It can be considered a floating apartments. It offers stability at anchor, excellent visibility and space for sunbathing and relaxing in the bow of the yacht.

Thanks to the low draft of the ours catamarans, we can anchor it close to the beach. The construction of the yacht also allows you to enter places that are unavailable for other units.

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