Experience the best vacation of your life!

A catamaran cruise is a dream come true. This is a promise of a luxurious journey and an amazing cruise experience. Catamarans offer an entirely unique sense of freedom. They are stylish, elegant and prestigious, and perhaps above all offer amazing comfort and safety.

Comfortable and spacious catamarans are a new dimension of sailing, ensuring complete relaxation and rest. The structure of the unit allows for safe and stable sailing and to get even closer to the beach than on a monohull yacht. A catamaran is a great attraction for people who are curious about the world and want to reach places inaccessible from land. 


The units has four enclosed spacious cabins with private bathrooms, thanks to which our clients feel at ease. Each bathroom has a separate shower that can be used both while sailing and when the boat is not moving. Additionally, at the disposal of the participants of the charter is a large living room with a full view of the sea and comfortable sofas as well as a modern and fully equipped galley.

Our catamarans are perfect for family holidays. Thanks to the spacious living room and conveniently arranged space between the bows of both hulls, children can spend their time playing safely on the yacht. 

What we offer in the price of charter: 

  • technically efficient, prepared for the cruise catamaran with refueled fuel and water;
  • pontoon with outboard motor;
  • bedding and towels;
  • starter pack (i.a. water, fruits, local wine, soap);
  • SUP;
  • snorkeling equipment (i.e. masks, snorkels and fins);
  • board, party and card games;
  • 20GB free Wi-Fi;
  • professional buoys for long trips;
  • banner of the landlord’s country of origin.

A safe and comfortable catamaran

The vessel we sail has been adapted to long sailing in comfortable, home-like conditions. Our goal is comfortable and safe sailing in beautiful places, and we use all our knowledge to enable our clients to spend their time as pleasantly as possible and visit the most beautiful corners of the Mediterian Sea.

Your safety while sailing is just as important to us as your enjoyment of the voyage. Ours catamarans are equipped with all the necessary emergency equipment such as: 

  • A lifebuoy,
  • a set of safety vests,
  • a safety harness for swimming at night or in difficult conditions,
  • an epirb buoy, pyrotechnics and VHF radio,
  • a life raft.

Additional attractions on catamaran cruises

During the cruise, it is also possible to observe the seabed thanks to the snorkeling masks and fins available on board. The area of the Mediterian Sea is characterized by exceptionally crystal clear, azure colored water. Take advantage of the pristine crystal clear waters and observe the life of sea creatures on an amazing adventure on our catamaran! In addition, we offer such amenities as a SUP, board games and card games, snorkeling equipment, fitness mats. 

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