At the age of 23, he guided his first voyage on a 23-meter Kech sailing ship.
In 2017, he organized and led an expedition on the yacht Ocean – A to East Greenland to the largest fjord in the world Scoresby Sund while being probably the youngest captain to achieve this.
Multiple circumnavigations around Iceland and two summer seasons in Spitsbergen along with leading commercial cruises on the 20-meter expedition yacht Hi Ocean One.
Cruising all of Norway and Scandinavia including the Danish Straits in the winter season, which are considered the seasons with the greatest storms occurring in the region.
Cruising the Barents Sea including Bear Island three times (2 times the entire route under sail in the spring season sailing in ice packs).
Hundreds of charter cruises on yachts and catamarans from 9 to 25 meters in length within Europe and the Caribbean.
Two full winter seasons in the Caribbean on the famous Shanties catamaran, Leopard 46 with sailing from the British Virgin Islands to Trinidad and Tobago.
In high school, he sailed extensively on the world’s most famous scout sailing ship “Zawisza Czarny”
In addition:
A cruise from Poland to the ice boundary in the north to the 80.4 N parallel.
Years of work as a yacht caregavier and sailing instructor
Apprenticeship in professional yacht guiding
Experience in sailing in extreme conditions

PYA powerboat yacht master
Yacht master PZMiNW
Water sports instructor with specialization in sailing and powerboat sports.
STCW authorizations
Short and long range radio operator’s license
Yacht master’s certificate obtained at the age of 22 and powerboat master’s at the age of 23.
ISSA Yacht Master offshore patent
PZMiNW powerboat mechanic

Favorite places:
Martinique and Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen

Acquired waters:
Croatia, Greece including the Ionian and Aegean islands, Balearic Islands, Seychelles, Italian coast, Sardinia, Corsica, Spanish coast, Gibraltar, Caribbean, The entire Baltic coast, North Sea : Germany, Denmark, England, Scotland, Shetland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, The entire coast of Norway, Spitsbergen, The eastern coast of Greenland

Owner of a charter company in Spain
Owner and operator of three yachts
Yacht service technician, technical supervisor and head of sales strategy at Fancy Lobster S. L. and Fancy Lobster Sp. Z. O. O.


I have been sailing since 1979.
The basins I have sailed in: the Baltic Sea, the North Sea (Norway, Scotland, Ireland, England), the
Mediterranean Sea (Croatia, Montenegro, Spain, France, Malta, Italy), the Ionian and Aegean Seas
(Greece, Turkey), the English Channel (England, France), the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Malaysia,
Indonesia), the Caribbean Sea (Caribbean, BVI), the Canary Islands, Cabo Verde.
Atlantic (Canary Islands, Salvagena Archipelago, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto Santo).
Arctic – Spitsbergen
Antarctic Ocean (Horn and Bigla Channel).
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean several times. 

In my sailing life, I have participated several times in top-level international regattas such as the RORC
Caribbean 600, St. Marteen Heineken, Regatta, St Barths Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week. These
are events that draw thousands of sailors from dozens of countries around the world.
I have had the pleasure of sailing and racing with the world’s best sailors.
We usually finished the regatta in the lead or on the podium.
Such regattas are held in the Caribbean, in perfect conditions, lots of wind and beautiful weather.

The most interesting and difficult were:
– Expedition to the Horn and to the Land of Fire
– Expedition to Spitsbergen
– An expedition over difficult bodies of water from northern Scotland to southern Portugal.

I have organized and made many trips to interesting corners of Asia and around Latin America.
I have been organizing and leading sea cruises since 1998.
I spend about eight months a year at sea.


First sea voyage – early 1990s
All of 1996 building an ocean-going yacht. 
First job at sea – 1998-2000 – from mechanic to chief mate on an A-class sailing ship.
Next two years sailing and overhauling an over 100 year old whaling ship.
First voyage as skipper – around 2000 – some A-to-B, shipbuilding and repair voyages.
Nautical miles do not count. I do not count the number of voyages. I try not to sail more than 12-15 weeks a year, but it has been so many years that it seems to have accumulated…
I haven’t sailed around the world, I haven’t been to the Horn and I haven’t even been seen on Svalbard. But I have been on many continents, seas and yachts.
I love screws, electricity and old cars. I understand several languages and I speak French and English sometimes too much, but I can also hide in a book.
They tell me I’m infectious with calmness and composure.
I don’t take risks because I do.


Lover of exotic travel and breathtaking views. A born organiser with a lot of creativity. Constantly on the move and with a head full of ideas for her next trips. She can’t sit still and collecting adventures, scuba diving and reading books are her biggest passions. She loves adrenaline in every form, whether diving with sharks in the Maldives or walking with Lions in Zambia. She has over 300 trips to her credit and has visited over 80 countries. She loves anything to do with water, big spaces and independence. She enjoys being Fancy and likes to eat Lobster so working for Fancy Lobster is the perfect combination. 

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